Our last presidential platform for education reverbs “No Child Left Behind!” Yet our adolescent girls continue to suffer from longstanding displacement of “self.” This unnecessary gap is a loss or delay of talent, opportunity and great potential due to low self-esteem, lost self-identity and lack of practical structure and direction.
It is crucial that a child's growth in its earliest stages be guarded until each stage of development has blossomed to its fullest potential. We believe that prevention begins by observing all factors of a child's present day life, and ingraining in them, the tools needed to build a foundation of character, self-esteem and confidence they may lack in their everyday environment.

“A NICKEL OF HOPE, INC.” is a non-profit organization whose target population is urban disadvantaged girls. The organization is dedicated to nurture, motivate, teach and mentor at-risk youth that, even at this early age, show signs of crisis.
The significance of the name

"A NICKEL OF HOPE" is key to the mission of this organization. A nickel represents the percentage of time, effort, and commitment that it could require to begin the process of infusing HOPE in an otherwise lost generation of youth that society has either forgotten or given up on.

Nationally known comedian and on air radio personality HOPE FLOOD is the founder/CEO of “A Nickel of Hope, Inc.” She along with other successful women who share her passion and vision for youth and have similar backgrounds have a mandate from God to mentor.

The mission of Hope’s Girlz Club” is to assist in positive growth and development of adolescents’, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being, so they can live an abundant life.

Each girl is given a mentor. These are successful women in the community that had similar backgrounds growing up. So they can relate to the issues our girlz are experiencing.

If you feel your daughter can benefit from this program please email us @